M.Y.S.T.I.C. simplifies the dive setup and operation by automating the recording and transmission
of dive data directly from the field. This automated process increases accuracy, reduces costs of keying in data
after the operation, and makes information immediately available at the end of the day.

Use MYSTIC for:

Get Started with these 4 Easy Steps

  1. Setup your Dive team under the Personnel menu.
  2. Setup your Dive operation under the Locations menu.
  3. Add any special forms or hazard analysis briefings under the Forms menu.
  4. From the tablet, sync the team and dive operation and leave surface!

M.Y.S.T.I.C. is designed by USN divers for divers, in conjunction with engineers,
to provide real solutions that simplify recording and reporting dive operation data.

Smart Reporting

Reduced Field Paperwork

Superior Training and Support

By digitizing the acquisition, compilation, transmission, and tracking process, reporting delays are eliminated. M.Y.S.T.I.C.™ enables overall reporting transparency between all parties from the field to the supervisor to final report via a secure cloud or command server. These efficiencies drastically reduce time in the field, manpower, and overall costs.

Complete your safety protocols, hazard analysis reports, activity logs, images, flag data, and so much more, in the field, enhancing safety and reducing the paperwork required upon completion.

BCTL offers on-site demonstrations or training led by Master Training Specialists, including classroom and field based, and hands-on scenario applications. On demand support from domain experts and software specialists to ensure your success.