MYSTIC HQ™ is the command center for Mystic projects, allowing for project management and full oversight of Dive jobs, UXO/MEC projects, and EOD/HMA missions. All fields data and images are immidiately accessible, and can be QC'ed within the Mystic workflow. Automatic report generation and QA notifications allow for easy third-party oversight all within the security of the AWS GovCloud(US).


  • Custom Dive, UXO/MEC project, and EOD/HMA forms to meet mission requirements
  • Field data collection with geolocated image capture
  • Images automatically attached with description and project details ensuring accuracy
  • Built-in workflow from field collection of data through QC to third-party QA for transparency
  • Automatic custom report generation upon completion of QC
  • Third-party oversight for one or more projects

Use MYSTIC Patrol™ UXO and EOD Editions with HQ to streamline your field operations

MYSTIC Patrol™ digitizes the collection and input of UXO/MEC, EOD/HMA, Dive, and other biological or environmental data. Use Patrol to sign in the team, automatically record GPS locations, plant virtual flags, capture images, keep daily activity logs, and fill out your custom forms. MYSTIC Patrol provides transparency and instant access to field data, increasing accuracy and enhancing safety.


  • Custom project forms, AHAs, ORM, and other custom safety forms
  • Personnel tracking and transparency
  • Designation of geolocated exclusion zones with radii
  • Digital activity log with date and time stamps
  • Smart reporting with built-in QC and QA workflow
  • Superior customer support by domain experts